What started off as a passion project on the side gave birth to this holistic design and consultancy firm that prides its focus on the consistent uniqueness of each design project. Since its incorporation in 2014, ConsultOctad has grown into a multi-faceted company that kept its cornerstones that form its reputation:



With our guiding principles, we are dedicated from thorough research to fully understanding your brand and your needs. We aim to create unique concepts to adapt into holistic bespoken design solutions just for you. After trials and tribulations of finding the perfect execution partner, we set up a subsidiary firm, SMLXL, specializing in renovation and construction to perfectly execute our designed projects.


We are a design and consultancy firm that identify ourselves as professional problem-solvers with creative solutions for your everyday problems, no matter the discipline. We are chameleons, highly adaptable to the ever-changing environment and situations. It is this versatility that led us to many successful upscale projects in a variety of genres.

         FAST FACTS

         11                           Projects in entertainment sector

         13                           Projects in institutional sector

         17                           Projects in corporate sector

         37                           Projects in retail sector

         41                           Projects in residential sector

         59                           Projects in f&b sector

         231                         Projects designed

         183                         Projects realized

         150                         Smallest project in sqft

         165,000                 Biggest project in sqft

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