Grounded by the restrictions of working in a single corporate company led to the start of working on passion projects on the side. One thing led to another that gave birth to the venture of this brainchild, a holistic design and consultancy firm that prides its focus on the consistent uniqueness of each design project.


Incorporated in 2014, ConsultOctad follows the guiding principles of setting each project apart, ensuring that no one is like the other, and keeping to the cornerstones that form its reputation: Passion, functionality and originality. The adoption of these values was exactly what drove the massive amount of projects in within a short span of time.


The company has indeed come a long way since 2014 and fast forward to present day, we see how it has broadened its scope of work into various trade and sectors both locally and even regionally now. Think hybrids such as mixed concept restaurants, lavish clubs and even green projects such as a nature-themed childcare center.


With ample foresight and the insatiable appetite to create and evolve, we have now launched our newly set up F&B consultation and social media marketing departments in hopes to create a more comprehensive experience for our future clients. By utilizing each other’s strengths, we are able to create a touchpoint from the start to the finish. This ensures a smooth and integrated customer experience as we involve ourselves from concept planning, execution in the form of design and construction and up to raising the brand awareness of the completed project through social media marketing.



Like a chameleon, we are highly adaptable to the everchanging event and circumstance. It is with this practice that has led us into becoming a very versatile design company that provides a wide range of services.

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